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Review on PLT data center


The PLT data center is committed to their work and have specialty products. PLT data center Seventeen thousand five hundred feet, floor load is approx 10 KN per square meter. Floor height is 3200mm & raised floor is 1000mm. There are two path risers for path redundancy. Insulation has been done with mineral wool & gypsum board. Passengers lift is of 16 tons.

Facilities provided by the PLT data center

Power Architecture

  • N+1 generators
  • Total support of 30 hours at total load
  • Fuel Delivery: response time 4 hours
  • Back up for at least 10 minutes

Building Management

  • CCTV system with 24 hour security team
  • Humidity and Temperature monitoring
  • Power monitoring and M&E operation
  • Humidity: maintained between 35% – 65%

Cooling System

  • The system is Air Cooled
  • N+1 resilient
  • Temperature maintained between 18oC – 24oC

Security Management

  • 24hours security team
  • Use of Proximity card reader
  • Barrier control used for vehicles
  • The delivery is undertaken by trained security personnel
  • Use of several CCTV cameras

Fire and Safety System

  • HSSD device used for fire detection
  • Use of water mist technology in the common region as well as the data center and use of gas system within the electrical and mechanical areas


  • Local MMR service provider
  • 4 MDF rooms
  • 2 MMR rooms

Features of the services offered

  • The data center facilities are one of the best in the world. You can get private suits, disaster recovery services for your data.
  • You will get total commitment and reputation. You can be rest assured that your data is kept private and secure.
  • The kind of dedication and the technology used are of high class and the kind of systems they use are for sure energy efficient and eco friendly.

There are four types of redundancies:-

PLT’s facilities are powered by two distinct power stations. One is Putrajaya other is Kapar

  • One site generators are well maintained and kept on site to avoid power failures.
  • Multiple upstream is used so that the service providers can instantly connect with the company.
  • Thinking about the disaster PLT data center has both data center and disaster recovery offices.
  • There is a power architecture which contains main powers, generators, fuel storage, delivery and configurations
  • Cooling machine is temperature controlled time to time and has resilience.

The PLT data center will give you a lot of services like private suites with security options, hand on management services, monitoring of the network, system management, disaster recovery options, collocation, racks, high power density intensity support and many more. Prices vary.

Availability is a big concept when you are going to be associated with a data center. Because the PLT data center does not believe in failure or not giving business to its clients on time. It rather has a very different outlook towards the service it offers.

If you are thinking to buy the data center service, then it is a must that you check the reviews of their previous customers. Once you are satisfied with the past feedbacks choose the best possible plan for you and get started today.

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